Mission Statement

Be bold and become a force to be reckoned with. 

Be Bold - Be Conscious:

Create a sense of urgency in your life and make the intelligent decisions that are most beneficial for your health, while at the same time helping the community.


We believe that innovation is a part of motivation.  Our goal is to have and build a product that delivers outstanding performance to your body and for your body.  

Our Story

Founded in 2011 in New Jersey, MET Perfect Fit is one of the leading international fitness design companies and is a symbol of American style word-wide. MET is a company driven by passion, loyalty, and faith. Our most important assets are our clients. Our goal is to provide an outstanding service by ensuring our products meet your expectations in quality, fit and function. Influential and innovative, MET is reinventing a new wholly modern approach to the new fitness generation.  Under the new vision of creative director Wendy Capois, the house has blended luxury, comfort, and quality.

At MET, our purpose is to encourage and inspire people to become their optimal self. Our team believes that fitness is a way of life, that one must follow their passions and dreams and achieve their fitness goals.  At MET we believe that every aspiration can be achieved.  It is time to make a difference. It is time to wear MET Perfect Fit and conquer the unknown.

MET Perfect Fit is a fast-growing fitness retailer founded by Wendy Capois, Edward Medina, and Dahiana Suazo . It all began when the five founders saw a need in the fitness market that was made in America:  This drove them to quit their day jobs and gave them the impetus to turn an idea into a booming online store. This is how our first product; MET Perfect Fit products was conceived. MET clothes consist of a blended soft, non-peeling cotton, and the best color sustaining fabric, setting the bar high for the competition.

Whether you are a personal buyer looking for trendy clothes, a boutique owner, or a business wholesaler searching for suppliers to give your business the competitive edge, metperfectfit.com is perfect for you. We work with the most experienced manufacturers and textile mills in retail to bring our clients high quality products, low prices, affordable shipping, and professional services. 

Look for our fashion online at metperfectfit.com, and share your favorite MET looks on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media platforms.